Come On Now Baby (Live at Underground Wonder Bar)– Listen Now

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Like most of our songs Come On Now Baby was a band collaboration.


The main melody and theme was written by Fletch a while back, but Phil and Mark brought a new breath of fresh air into it when they suggested speeding up and changing to a more upbeat style.


Jim finished it off by adding a sustained slick chorus notes adding shine and cranking that progressive rock feel.

Well, this is a little different for us, we usually release songs in studio version first, but so many folks said they like the live performance we are breaking the rules.


This recording is the debut of the track, tracked live at the legendary Underground Wonder Bar in Chicago, we hope you enjoy the energy and feeling from our show, it’s an upbeat fun song full of energy


Unlike most of our songs, the lyrics here don’t convey much of a story line, lol, just a emphasis on good times.


Listen below to see how it turned out.

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Review by Kristiina Heptig



 “Come On Now Baby” - Live at Underground Wonder Bar Chicago  September 16, 2016



"This dynamic quartet brought an action-packed night of a gritty-jazz-roots sort of fusion during a recent night at the Underground Wonder Bar. I am here to tell you that the Fletch Towell Band’s talent is just too significant to ignore."


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As featured in Glitter&Stilettos



 “If you are needing to be re-energized after a tough week, then Fletch Towell Band has a great, feel-good tune in store for your listening pleasure"


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A Big THANKS to contributors on the track – Eric Busbey, sound engineer and live recording. Eric White for video and still shots during show.



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